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Bootie Top 10 - April 2008

A plus D - Believe In Sexual Eruption (Snoop Dogg vs. Cher) - San Francisco
One wouldn't think there would be much in common between Snoop Dogg and Cher. But there was just something about Snoop's new single that seemed familiar ... what was it? Hey, that's a vocoder on his voice! Hmmm ... what other famous pop song used a vocoder to great effect? It's all about finding the common thread, and putting together a duet with two unlikely partners!

BootOx – Brick and Stop (Q-Tip vs. The Commodores) - Munich, Germany
So simple, yet so smoove, so good, with a bunch of random samples throw in for good measure. This is the first Bootie Top 10 appearance by the crazy BootOx, one of the resident DJs and promoters of Bootie Munich. This was one of the "battle" tracks for the fierce boxing-ringed DJ battle between the BootOx and Schmolli. We decided it's a tie, since they both have tracks in the Top 10 this month.

DJ Le Clown - Eko Bitch (Martha & the Muffins vs. Busta Rhymes) - France
The first of three French bootleggers in this month's Top 10 - yes, France is the new hotbed of mashup talent! DJ Le Clown's productions are always intricately crafted and well-produced, as he tends to use unconventional source material, with added beats and samples, giving his mashups a unique sound.

DJ Lobsterdust - It's Fun To Smoke Dust (Queen vs. Pastor Gary Greenwald vs. Midfield General) - New York City
"Oh no, not Queen! Not 'Another One Bites The Dust'" Yup, here it is again, with an extremely fresh take, courtesy of DJ Lobsterdust, who unearthed a 1982 sermon by Pastor Gary Greenwald. Did you know that playing this song backwards reveals Satanic messages designed to corrupt and enslave the young minds who listen to it? Yup, "it's fun to smoke marijuana!" This track is pure excellence.

DJ Magnet - Chicago Bump (Bootie Edit) (Chicago vs. Amanda Blank vs. Spank Rock vs. Bloodhound Gang vs. Greg Kihn Band vs. Detroit Grand Pubas) - Denver, USA
In the wrong hands, "everything but the kitchen sink"-style mashups tend to collapse under the cluttered weight of their multiple source material. But not when it's being done by someone like Bootie Denver's resident DJ Magnet. Here, he skillfully crams it all in, and - in this special "Bootie edit" - even brings in the original Chicago tune for a chorus. This one is Mysterious D's new favorite.

Mighty Mike - Standing On My Shoulders (The Do vs. The Gossip) - France
Nope, we didn't know the vocal either. But this one grew on us. First off, with all the mashups that use the "Standing In The Way of Control" vocal, we had completely forgotten how good the original Gossip song is - even without Beth Ditto's voice. Replacing her here is the singer for the French band The Do ... and it's mashups like these that had us Googling them in order to check out their originals. And that's what good mashups should make you do, furthering our belief that a mashup can sometimes be an unknown band's best promotion.

Overdub - Come As The Starlight (Nirvana vs. The Supermen Lovers) - France
If you ever wondered what Nirvana would sound like if they were a disco band, look no further than this, which sounds like the gayest Nirvana song EVER. There is no doubt in our minds that Kurt would have LOVED this.
RIAA - Come As The Eighties (Nirvana vs. Killing Joke) - Los Angeles
As an added bonus, here's a musical history lesson - "Come As You Are," mashed up with "The Eighties" by Killing Joke. This is the band that sued Nirvana for plagarism, as it very nearly copies the exact same bass line as "The Eighties." Allegedly, when Nirvana's management claimed the band had never heard the song, Killing Joke's lawyers provided a fan letter that Kurt Cobain had written to the band as evidence to the contrary. DOH!

DJ Schmolli - Justice For Billie Jean (Justice vs. Michael Jackson vs. C&C Music Factory) - Vienna, Austria
At the most recent Bootie Munich, resident DJ Schmolli "battled" DJ BootOx in a boxing ring rigged with DJ gear. Some feel that Schmolli won the battle, and its mashups like these in his arsenal that surely helped. Pretty much better than any of the remixes and remakes on the new 25th anniversary edition of "Thriller" that was just released.

team9 - Sugar & Cheese (Mary J. Blige vs. Snow Patrol) - Perth, Australia
Pure pop candy. Your teeth might rot out of your head simply by listening to this. Mary J. Blige would probably never join indie darlings Snow Patrol on stage for a number - but with mashups like these, at least it's easier to imagine.

Titus Jones - Kiss Britney's Boyfriend (Ashlee Simpson vs. Chris Brown vs. Britney Spears) - Clarksville, Arkansas, USA
It seems we're rediscovering our love of shameless pop music this month, as this mashup by Titus Jones amply demostrates. A guilty pleasure to be sure, but hells yes, it's a toe-tapper ... and it even features guest appearances by Missy Elliott and Ciara. What's not to love?



Blogger DJ BootOX said...


The BootOX

April 2, 2008 4:37 AM  
Blogger Johnath said...

All you ever bring me is joy and happiness. Does it get tiring?

Thanks for these, as always.

April 17, 2008 7:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need help! last month at bootie LA, they played a britney mash up. it was Britney's Piece of me and Some other older song....anyone heard of any mash ups of that song?????

April 30, 2008 10:39 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

The sugar and cheese link is a 404 :(

May 29, 2008 1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god can u guys pleaSE UPLOAD THIS MONTHS U ALREADY MISSED MAY! :(

June 4, 2008 9:01 AM  

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