Friday, May 2, 2008

Just added! Guest set at Miss-Shapes in London!

Well aren't we excited? We just found out we'll be doing a guest DJ set at the original Miss-Shapes party at The Ghetto in London -- the club that eventually inspired New York's own Misshapes party!

We actually were at Miss-Shapes two years ago, when we were in London last. Here's what I wrote about it in my blog back then:

"It was a fun party ... lots of girls with fauxhawks, very indie-queer, yet still mixed with some gay boys and straights. The DJs played a fun mix of indie/pop party tunes, and I must say, it's really weird to see an entire club of hipsters singing along to Kelly Clarkson and Gwen Stefani. (American kitzch? Sometimes, it's hard the tell the difference between irony and genuine adoration.)

I went up to the DJ booth to introduce myself and give them an A+D CD. To my shock, the DJ says, "I know who you are!" Then she opens the CD, looks at the track listing, and tell me that she plays "Decepta-Freak-On" and "An Honest M.I.A." along with a few others. WOW. Two songs later, she drops our Le Tigre vs. Missy mashup, and I gotta say, it's awfully gratifying to be halfway around the world at a hip London nightclub, and to hear your mashup spun for a packed dance floor."

And now we get to DJ there ... woo-hoo!


MISS-SHAPES UK, The Ghetto. Guest DJ set at the original and best Misshapes party in Soho! 5-6 Falconberg Court, behind the Astoria, Soho, London



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