Friday, May 9, 2008

London: Hyper-social, hyper-shopping

The running joke has been that we saved the best for last. Ah, London! We felt at home the minute we got here. And not just because everyone speaks English!

Although I must admit, after two weeks of traveling in Germany, Denmark, and France, it's quite a relief to be in a place where we can speak the language. Although some of the British accents are so thick, they might as well be speaking French! Still, D no longer has to try to speak slowly (a near impossibility for her), and I don't have to try to formulate everything into simple sentences.

The main reason we felt so much "at home" is because we're staying with our old San Francisco friend (and fantastic stylist) Christian, who moved to London about a year-and-a-half ago. His flatmate, Mika, was in San Francisco a few weeks ago, and really enjoyed my electro covers set in the upstairs lounge at Bootie. So he booked us for a gig at Black Balloon, completely unaware that we were even friends with Christian. It was quite funny when Mika found out we were staying at their flat! Birds of a feather .... we are amongst "our people."

Here we are with Christian (left) and Mika (right):
After an insanely-expensive meal at a lovely Indian restauraunt (damn that horrible dollar-to-pound conversion rate -- everything is twice as expensive!) we somehow ended up at a tragic karaoke night. But hey, the drinks were cheap, and that nearly made it worth it. Of course, I had to belt out a couple tunes -- after a good rendition of "Tainted Love," a massacred Pat Benatar's "Heartbreaker" in Christian's honor.
Our first night in London was a mellow affair ... the calm before the storm, so to speak. Christian and Mika live in Camden, which worked out GREAT for us, because our favorite shopping pilgramage -- the Camden Stables Market -- is only a 10 minute walk away. The last time I was here, I spent something like $900 USD on clothes.

This time, I didn't do TOO MUCH damage to my credit card. I've discovered that I've outgrown Cyberdog. I used to love the clothes, but I've always hated the music -- and shopping in their store is a headache-inducing experience, as they blast the most annoying rave at top volume. I probably would have spent more money in their shop had I not wanted to get the fuck out of there as fast as I could. Definitely not somewhere one should shop with a hangover.

However, I absolutely adore Spank -- and I so wish they sold their clothes at shops in the U.S. Definitely my favorite designer in Camden ... their clothes are SO me. Oh, Spank, I missed you!
We met up with Sam, the promoter of Cover Up, the party we're spinning at on Friday. He's primarily the one who got our asses to London. We traded club stories and he gave us flyers ... nice guy. Shares many of the same party philosophies we have (which is, basically, in a nut-shell -- make sure your party is fun!)
We're staying a couple blocks away from Amy Winehouse's house! There's always a few paparazzi hanging out there:
Before our gig in Soho at Black Balloon, we met up with DJ Ben Jamin, who was a guest DJ at Bootie last year. We adore him. He invited us to a party at Barcode, where there were free drinks -- and cocktails are so damn expensive in London, that when there's a party with free booze from 6-9 pm, you GO! In fact, you go and drink as many of them as you can before 9 o'clock.
I wish I had photos from our gig at Black Balloon, because it was a very cool, very dressed-up crowd. But it was so cool, I didn't want to look like a bloody tourist taking pictures of all the freaks. And then when we were DJing, I was so busy trying to find just the right cool electro cover/remix/bootleg that I just completely forgot to snap any pix. There was a photographer there however, so hopefully, there will be some pix soon!



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