Thursday, May 1, 2008

We heart Berlin!

The A+D Drinking Our Way Through Europe Tour continues! This is a bar with sand on the floor ... our last drinking stop in Berlin...

These are the stairs we walked up every day ... no elevators in East Berlin!
Alex, Nico, and Morgoth! New Berlin friends! (And they all love rock and metal!)
The "Berlin Bootie Office" ... there's free WiFi everywhere in Berlin ... we love Friedrichshain, the neighborhood we stayed in Berlin ... felt very much like home!
The newly renovated Reichstag, with the clear dome in the middle (to signify Germany's more open government) ... the line was too long to go up and see it, but we snapped this shot as we took a taxi to the airport (because the bus drivers were on strike the day we wanted to leave! DOH!)
International jet-set DJs! (The poverty jet-set, actually)



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