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Bootie Top 10 - September 2009

It's been two months since we last posted a Bootie Top 10, and during that time we did 14 different Bootie parties or sets, including two epic back-to-back nights in San Francisco to celebrate our 6-Year Anniversary, a week in Brazil which included Bootie Brasília and a gig in São Paulo, and another week at Burning Man, where we DJed mashups four nights in row.

So please forgive us for skipping the month of August - we were (and continue to be) utterly swamped! Hopefully our Top 10 Tribute to Michael Jackson last month helped tide you over, and this current list showcases a few older tracks from a few months ago that deserve to be spotlighted. Download and enjoy!

A Plus D - Krazy Day N Nite (Pitbull vs. Lil Jon vs. Kid Cudi vs. Crookers) - San Francisco BOOTIE EXCLUSIVE!
A simple floor-bangin' A+B that we whipped up on a flight to São Paulo. Mysterious D's been wanting to use The Crookers remix of "Day N Nite" for months, and Pitbull's "Krazy" just seemed to be the cherry on top. So here it is, as a Bootie Exclusive!

Dunproofin' - Groove Is In The Girls (Deee-Lite vs. The Prodigy) - Scotland
This has pretty much been a staple in our sets for the past two months, updating the classic one-hit wonder with some electro-throb courtesy of The Prodigy. It takes Deee-Lite from "light n' airy" to "dark n' dirty." The song arrangement tweaks on this make it especially awesome.

DJ Fox - Hot Birthday Stuff (Jeremih vs. Boys From Brazil) - San Francisco
Sounding like Jimmy Somerville covering Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff", the Boys From Brazil (who are are actually from Germany) give the song-of-the-moment "Birthday Sex" some trashy Euro-pop flava. Another nice one from one of our favorite producers from SF, DJ Fox. Yes, it's hot stuff.

Lasso The Moon - Spaceman On Fire (Bang A Gong) (Kings of Leon vs. T. Rex vs. The Killers) - Indianapolis
Three distinctive brands of rock collide in this exceptionally well-crafted mashup, blending the early '70s glam of T. Rex with the more contemporary rock stylings of The Killers (modern new wave pop posing as Americana) and Kings of Leon (Americana posing as epic arena rock). Nicely layered to form such a natural fit!

Lobsterdust - CalabriHorse Tonite (Enur vs. Laid Back vs. INXS vs. Kid Cudi vs. 3OH!3 vs. Lil Jon) - New York City
Adrian can't stand that annoyingly catchy Enur song - you know, the one with the ingratiating horn line that gets stuck in your head like glue. But there's no denying its dance-floor appeal - especially when mashed up with five other songs, all effortlessly blended together by a master mashup craftsman such as DJ Lobsterdust.

Mad Mix Mustang - I Got More Than A Feeling (Boston vs. Black Eyed Peas) - The Netherlands
This was pretty much our camp's theme song for Burning Man this year, perfectly encapsulating the rapturous, joyous, anthemic "end of summer" vibe that the event entails. After spending Burn Night driving around the playa in the SlugCar, creating impromptu Bootie BRC parties along the way, we rode through Black Rock City as the sky began to get light. And just as the sun was rising over the mountains, we blasted this at top volume. It was a gloriously magical moment that we'll cherish forever. Epic, beautiful, perfect.

DJ Magnet - Girls On Film Freak Out (Duran Duran vs. Chic vs. Beastie Boys) - Denver
This mashup came out about five months ago, and lo and behold, on Duran Duran's current summer tour, the band has taken to playing Chic's "Le Freak" during their live version of "Girls on Film." Coincidence or idea biting? You decide! Either way, this one is super funky and for the dance floor!

DJ Schmolli - Bulletproof Radar (La Roux vs. Britney Spears) - Vienna, Austria
In Schmolli's own words: "So these are both the brand new singles of La Roux (”Bulletproof”) and Britney Spears (”Radar”). Both do pop music but in a very different way." We've been loving the electro-pop of La Roux, and let's face it, Britney's producers are seriously trying to make her sound more "electro-cool," so this mashup ends up pitting the genuine article against the wannabe. This is taken from AudioPorn Central's 2nd anniversary album.

Torero - Pretty Vain Rocker (The Offspring vs. Culture Beat vs. Alter Ego) - Germany
Our trip to Brazil was fascinating, not the least of which was discovering which songs were "big hits" at the clubs. Imagine our surprise when we heard The Offspring played at A Loca, an infamous São Paulo gay club. Brazilians may not know a ton of English, but they somehow knew ALL the words to "Pretty Fly For A White Guy." Bizarre! So of course, we just had to drop this when we gigged there a few nights later, a mashup custom-created by Torero when he played Bootie Munich back in January.

DJ Zebra - With A Little Help From Soulwax (Joe Cocker vs. Queen vs. Soulwax) - Paris
A few weeks ago was the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock festival, and to celebrate, DJ Zebra played a special show at Bootie in San Francisco called Bootstock Live, based on the Woodstock mashup album he produced and released in July. This is far and away our favorite track from the album - and was another one of our "theme songs" at Burning Man - an epic, jubilant stormer that gets off to a slow start, but by the end has everybody screaming.



Blogger Brandon said...

No great leap about the Duran Duran/Chic combination. Duran Duran has been introducing the band at the end of Girls on Film with Chic bass line references since the late 80s. They've gone record countless times citing them (and Roxy Music) as huge influences.

September 11, 2009 11:57 AM  

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