Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Plus D - Stardust Kids (David Bowie vs. MGMT) - Video posted!

"Stardust Kids" by A Plus D, which mashes up "Lady Stardust" by David Bowie with "Kids" by MGMT, is the first track on the recently-released Ziggy Stardust Remixed bootleg album.

And now AJ "HatPerson" Mazur has just made a video for it! He's the guy who made the awesome "Cookin' By The Book" A Lil Bigger Mix video. Check it out:

You can also download an MP4 version of the video HERE.

Maybe now people will figure out that "Lady Stardust" was actually written about Marc Bolan! (And not, despite what he'd like to believe, about Adrian) ;-)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bootie Top 10 - February 2009

After December's double dose of Top 10 lists, and January's Best of Bootie 2008 CD, we decided to skip a month. But now it's February, and we're back with a fresh batch of hot mashups, for your downloading pleasure. Here's what's been burning up the Bootie dance floor this past month, listed in alphabetical order by bootlegger:

A Plus D - Stardust Kids (David Bowie vs. MGMT) - San Francisco
From the Ziggy Stardust Remixed bootleg album
Indie-glam? When DJ BC contacted us to contribute a mashup to the upcoming Ziggy Stardust Remixed album, we jumped at the chance. After all, David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust is one of our all-time favorite albums, and no one had claimed "Lady Stardust" for the mashing. So we took the glam rock ballad and turned it into an indie-pop dance track using current fave MGMT, and the two songs fit together like a velvet glove.

Aggro1 - Does Alice in Chains Offend You? (Alice In Chains vs. Does It Offend You, Yeah?) - Dayton, Ohio
This is the sound of a bootlegger coming into their own, finding their unique style, and putting their own indelible stamp on mashup culture. Without even looking at the ID3 tags, you can just TELL it's an Aggro1 tune, matching hard rock vocals with equally hard electronic music, and creating a new sort of hybrid "electro-metal." However the song arrangement still brings in a dance groove during the verses, which offsets the hard choruses gorgeously. Aggro's been honing this particular sound for a while now, but on this track, he just NAILS it. It sounds big and well-produced and, quite simply, awesome.

DJ BC - I'm Too XXXy (Right Said Fred vs. Proof vs. DJ Assault vs. 20 Fingers)
Everyone loves naughty lyrics on the dance floor, and this exclusive track from Bootie Boston's DJ BC delivers, taking four songs chock full of cheeky, over-the-top sexual references, and combining them into a sexy stew that is sure to inspire drunken dirty dancing!

Celebrity Murder Party - Blue Rinse (Fab Zero mix) (Rose Royce vs. New Order vs. Lipps Inc.) - London
This mashup came out nearly 10 months ago, but somehow - DOH! - we missed it. Which is why we loved combing through everyone's year-end "Top Mashups of 2008" lists, to see if we missed anything ... like this one! Not that the world really needed another "Blue Monday" mashup, but when it's ingeniously paired with a '70s disco classic, it again breathes new life. And the Bootie dance floor agrees!

DJ Earworm - United State of Pop 2008 (Mashup of Billboard's Top 25 songs of 2008) - San Francisco
After the success of last year's "United State of Pop" (which took the Top 25 songs of the year according to Billboard magazine and mashed them together into one seamless 4-minute pop song) DJ Earworm seems to have found his true calling and has already turned the clever concept into an annual tradition. This year's edition is no less ambitious and dense - with Billboard's Top 25 songs of 2008 paired with Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" as the backing track, the whole thing is given an epic, anthemic quality.

DJ Fox - Beggin' Gypsy Woman (Crystal Waters vs. Madcon vs. Aaliyah vs. The Police) - San Francisco
Mighty Mike - Beggin' For Glory (Portishead vs. Madcon) - France
Back in December, we introduced Madcon's "Beggin'" to the Bootie Top 10 with, not one, but two different mashups that used the Norwegian band's breakout song as its backing track. Well, go ahead and add two more Madcon mashups to the pile. Here's another "compare-and-contrast," where both mashups are so well done, we couldn't pick just one! Each has it's own unique flavor: Fox's "Beggin' Gypsy Woman" showcases the Crystal Waters classic and actually tells a story through the mashing of multiple songs. The greatness of Mighty Mike's "Beggin' For Glory" comes from the rarely-mashed melancholy vocals of Portishead.

DJ Gauffie - Living On Mercy (Duffy vs. Trans-X) - Sweden
We've been waiting for a good mashup that uses Duffy's "Mercy" vocals, and now that the acapella has been leaked, the tracks are starting to trickle in. This is far and away our favorite so far, pairing the '60s-sounding Duffy with the '80s one-hit wonder Trans-X, turning her soulful number into an electro-pop dance floor stormer!

DJ Lobsterdust - American Justice (The Guess Who vs. MSTRKRFT vs. Nate Dogg) - New York City
More electro goodness, courtesy of our favorite New York City bootlegger. By layering classic rock vocals over a throbbing hard dance track, we're reminded a little of Aggro1 here. But with the addition of Nate Dogg's rap, and creative arrangement, he definitely adds his own mashup stamp to the proceedings, producing a fantastic track perfect for Electro-Bootie.

Mastgrr - Cooking By The Book (A Lil' Bigger Mix) (Lil' Wayne vs. Lazy Town) – New York City

Cooking By The Book video - HatPerson

It's really all about the video, which was an giant internet meme sensation about two months ago. But even without it, this short-but-sweet mashup - which pairs the obnoxiously obscene Lil' Jon with a song from the kids' television show Lazy Town - still makes us feel kinda dirty. Yes, this is ALL kinds of wrong ... but for some reason, we couldn't help but watch it over and over again, or sing it to each other constantly! "It's a piece of cake to make a pretty cake ... WHAT? OKAAAY!"

team9 - B.F. Meets T.I. (T.I. vs. Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor) - Perth, Australia
This is the first appearance in the Bootie Top 10 of what will undoubtedly be several tracks from MySplice III, team9's third annual mashup compilation which he does at the end of every year for the music blog Stereogum. We love Regina Spektor, so to hear the unlikely (yet surprisingly complimentary) lyrical interplay between her and rapper T.I. was inspired to say the least. This is exactly the kind of genre-clash that we look for in hip-hop mashups!