A Plus D from
Bootie Mashup

Pioneers of the bootleg mashup movement and creators of Bootie, the world's biggest bootleg mashup party

  1. Entering into their 12th year as creators, producers, promoters, and resident DJs for the Bootie Mashup brand, A Plus D are a well-oiled mashup machine.

  2. The duo play for massive crowds every weekend with an unparalleled collection of 100% genre-busting bootleg mashups.

  3. Their own Bootie events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and Seattle draw thousands every weekend, and their creative themes and amped-up energy always keep things fresh.

  4. As tireless mashup evangelists, A Plus D tour several times a year, and have brought their signature Bootie Mashup sound to five different continents.

  5. Nailing that sweet spot between up-and-coming chart hits and classic songs that hit the nostalgia button, the dance floor becomes as mashed-up as the music.

  6. A Plus D lead crowds into confetti explosions of mashup sing-alongs … as well as a few surprise live vocal mashups sung by Adrian!

  7. For ten years in a row, A Plus D / Bootie have won such awards as "Best Club Night," "Best Promoter," and "Best DJs" from media outlets such SF Weekly, SF Bay Guardian, LA Weekly, LAist, and many others.

  8. Their annual "Best of Bootie" compilations are internet sensations each year, and their monthly Bootie Top 10 MP3 blog is anxiously downloaded not just by fans … but by other DJs as well!


Also known as "bootlegs" or "bastard pop," a mashup is a song that's "mashed-up." Usually, this means the vocal track of one song is mixed over the instrumentation of another. Using audio editing software, DJs and mashup artists combine different artists and musical genres to create new and unique songs that are often greater than the sum of their parts. Imagine Michael Jackson rocking out with Nirvana, David Bowie crooning with MGMT, Madonna fronting Daft Punk, or Kanye West rapping with Beethoven, and many other unexpected combinations! Can't imagine that? Then get your ass to Bootie to hear for yourself!
Is this legal?
Does the skull-and-crossbones in our logo mean anything to you?
So where can I get these mashups?
Since 99.999% of all mashups aren't legally cleared by the artists, you can't just go to a store and buy them. However, MP3s of these bootleg mixes are available all over the internet. Click on some of the links to find some for yourself!


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photo by Topher Adam

photo by Leo Herrera

photo by That Guy Gil

photo by Leo Herrera


"Vinyl-only DJs may sniff at this pair's hard drives, but A Plus D certainly know how to rock the party ... committedly unpretentious and ready to rock, they deliver the perfect remedy for the occasionally snooty, often staid dance scene." - SF Weekly

"Mashup is the biggest thing in music right now. Everyone seems to love the sound of unrelated genres jostling for the limelight in a single song. A+D know this musical melting pot more than most." - The Beijinger

"Franchised fiesta Bootie is kind of like your coolest friend's wedding, with all the hip-hop and cheese-pop songs that sort of event would entail. But in this case, the tunes are all blended together, just like the crowd, which is packed with suburbanites, club kids and hipsters jumping and sweating as one to a hyper playlist of favorites." - Time Out New York

"It’s like a Noah’s Ark of nightlife – B-boys dancing with goth chicks, skater punks dancing with upscale yuppies. There is nothing more gratifying than watching such a diverse audience singing along and dancing, and just having a great time sharing the moment." - Time Out Hong Kong

“They’re the most eclectic DJs I’ve ever heard. They have this Pied Piper effect [that seems to] satisfy everyone. The music is such a social statement in this deconstructed age ... that’s the appeal to our generation. Everyone has no idea what to expect, yet without fail they have the time of their lives." - Salt Lake City Weekly